Green Steam

Green Guard’s Green Steam process utilizes 250 degree wet steam along with adjustable PSI and soiled water reclamation to clean kitchens, bars, drains, patios, parking garages, and much more!

Green Steam Offerings


Kitchen Floors - Remove food from grout lines, excess grease and buildup from tile, reach those hard to get areas behind and under your kitchen equipment.


Bars - Eliminate Bar flies and Odor.


Drains - Save money and the headache of clogged drains and expensive hydro-jetting.


Patios and Dumpsters - Remove stains, grease and debris.


Restrooms - Remove buildup from your flooring and grout lines, disinfect and remove odor.


Awnings - Remove dust, dirt and the mess from the birds.


Parking Garages- Steam Clean and reclaim waste water in large and small parking garages.

“Green Guard Services has improved the cleanliness of my entire facility while making it less slippery for my kitchen staff while providing a great first impression to my clients!”

Restaurant Owner – Del Mar, CA

“The previous year I spent nearly $3,000 on plumbing expenses. The following year after using Green Guard’s Green Steam for my floors and drains I only spent $85.”

Restaurant GM – La Jolla, CA

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