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The desire to get out of the corporate red tape environment and provide a service model that is unmatched. Green Guard Services started back in 2009 as a cold water, kitchen and bar cleaning services.

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Our Services

Hood Cleaning

Entrust Green Guard Services to clean your kitchen exhaust system to NFPA 96 Regulations and ensure no fire hazard. We clean PCU's also.

Make Up Air

Make Up Air systems require maintenance to ensure safe indoor air quality and will keep your kitchen exhaust system running safely without

Green Steam

Deep Steam Cleaning for Kitchens, Bars, Dumpster Areas, Patios Walkways, Parking Garages and may other areas will truly impress

Filter Exchange

Tired of having to try to clean your greasy filters? See how Green Guard's Filter Exchange Program can take your kitchen's cleanliness to

Chemical Sales

ve Drain Issues, Kitchen or Bar Odor? Fruit flies flying around your customers? Green Guard Services chemical sales have proven to be the

Vapor Cleaning

Sides of fryers and burnt on residue on your kitchen equipment is no match for Green Guard's exclusive 370 °F vapor cleaning.

Pots And Pans

Do your pots and pans have burnt in carbon, oil and food deposits? If so Green Guard’s Pot and Pan service was created for you. Green Guard’s service removes all deposits leaving your pots

COVID Decontamination

Green Guard Services Is a specialized deep cleaning company and these specialized services are not foreign to them.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning(Dryers, MUA/Swamp Cooler Systems etc) are all not created equal. Neither are the companies cleaning them, is is imperative you choose the right company

Cleaner, safer kitchens are our mission.

Cleaner, safer kitchens are our mission.

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“It’s about time after all these years to find a company that truly understands the “sub contracted” term where I do not have to worry about timeliness, job completion and professionalism, Green Guard Services is the way to go.”
Carl's JR
Carl's Jr

Cleaner, safer kitchens are our mission.