About Green Guard

The desire to get out of the corporate red tape environment and provide a service model that is unmatched. Green Guard Services started back in 2009 as a cold water, kitchen and bar cleaning services.

With our unmatched service, and response time from Day 1, we have evolved into one of the largest Kitchen Exhaust and Deep Cleaning providers in all of California! With well over 1500 clients, we cover the entire United States.

With our proven service model and our proprietary cloud based reporting, we are able to save clients from the potential harm of fire and also on their insurance premiums!

Green Guard Services
Green Guard Services Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement and Corporate Values are what we live by, day in and day out and are the backbone of why we exist. We feel its important to share these with our clients to understand who we are and why we do it!
We will passionately strive to create a safe working environment for our customers by protecting them from the potential dangers of the. Kitchen Exhaust System.

In combination with our services, we will ensure your business is clean, sanitary, and safe for your employees and clients.

Our Corporate Values:









Green Guard Services Corporate Values

Green Guard Corporate HQ

Our new Corporate HQ in Escondido, CA has allowed us to continue to grow while ensuring we are providing a great environment to our employees and maintaining our top tier service with our wonderful clients.
Green Guard Services Office Corporate HQ
“Green Guard Services has improved the cleanliness of my entire facility while making it less slippery for my kitchen staff while providing a great first impression to my clients!”

Restaurant Owner

Del Mar, CA

Cleaner, safer kitchens are our mission.

24/7 service. Same Day Consultations are Available.