Chemical Sales

Have Drain Issues, Kitchen or Bar Odor? Fruit flies flying around your customers? Green Guard Services chemical sales have proven to be the most effective in the industry with being Green and inexpensive, it’s a win, win!

Green Guard Chemical Sales

Looking for a cleaner/degreaser that is food safe and can be used for all front of the house and back of the house cleaning? This product is great for mop buckets, bars, bar tops, table tops, and any other area within the front and back of the house. It will limit your liability with chemicals such as bleach or others not designed for the food environment.

“Green Guard Services has improved the cleanliness of my entire facility while making it less slippery for my kitchen staff while providing a great first impression to my clients!”
Restaurant Owner
Del Mar, CA
“The previous year I spent nearly $3,000 on plumbing expenses. The following year after using Green Guard’s Green Steam for my floors and drains I only spent $85.”
Restaurant GM
La Jolla, CA