filter exchange

Filters are the first line of defense is your kitchen exhaust system. Improper cleaning or irregular cleaning frequencies can lead to major issues including fires, poor suction and hot cooking environments.

Advantages with Green Guard Services Filter Exchange Program:

If you have a current program with another vendor (70%) of restaurants in San Diego/LA currently do:

We make sure that our filters are the most functional in the industry.

We replace our inventory as we notice they are damaged or not functional.

We will not mis-match filters in your hood causing a bad appearance and potential suction issues.

We provide the filters relative to your cooking environment: (i.e.,- Spark Arrestor for solid fuel, high efficiency for high grease, etc)

We will exchange "Captive Air" filters with Captive Air Filters. Ensuring you will not have cheap filters exchange with your nice Captrate Solo Filters.

If you DO NOT have a filter exchange program:

Health Department & EPA Violations
Cleaning your filters in a 2 or 3 compartment sink or dishwasher can be against health department and EPA regulations.
Staff Injuries
The #1 injury in the kitchen is when staff is up on equipment and injure themselves from a slip and/or a fall.
Reduced Functionality
Not cleaning behind the baffles and/or the weep holes within the filter will significantly reduce the functionality of the filter, cleaning these areas is nearly impossible in house.

Using the wrong chemicals causing staining on the filters which reduces the filtering capabilities also.