Green Guard invests in only the highest level of technology to keep your facility clean and sanitized. Please understand when your system isn’t cleaned properly its due to your vendor not utilizing the correct technology and tools.

Question: Would you as a restaurant owner, or Property Manager utilize the wrong cooking utensils or an electrician to perform plumbing duties? This question is asked as utilizing vendors without the proper tools does not allow for the job to be done correctly, or at times safe….

Surface Cleaner

Green Guard utilizes customized Surface Cleaners that can operate at up to 275 Degrees at 4000 PSI (both adjustable for your environment) and with these tools will ensure very little if any spatter, while providing the best results in the market, guaranteed.

Magnetic Duct Scraper

This tool is MANDATORY to use for any ducting longer than 5 feet.  If not the ability to provide enough force to clean ducting with a “home depot scraper” is impossible and once again will leave your ducting cleaned improperly. 

Duct Spinner

Green Guard invests in high-end quality equipment to ensure your systems are cleaned to Insurance and NFPA 96 CODE, not using this equipment will lead to improperly cleaned ducting and inherent fire risk. 

Duct Spinner Cart

Green Guard is a firm believer this cart is an absolute necessity in order to clean any horizontal ducting properly.  If this tool with the Duct Spinner is not used, the ducting can only be cleaned at the length of the technician’s arm and or pressure gun, both of which is many applications is insufficient leaving your system at a potential fire risk.

LANDA® Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is the most advanced pressure washer on the market, it allows Green Guard to run hundreds of feet of high-pressure hose with nominal pressure lost, adjustable PSI management to ensure we can clean high rises down to full parking garages.  These investments are a necessity to provide the level of service promised to our clients.